Trendy Glass Water Bottles

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Trendy Glass Water Bottles - Angela Jude

Drinking enough water daily is very important and one of those very well known facts. It helps maintain your body’s fluids, helps your skin look its best, and it aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.

I know from personal experience that it can sometimes be challenging to drink enough water throughout the day. I’ve seen quite a few smartphone apps whose sole purpose is to help you drink more water so I don’t think I’m alone in my quest. I’ve found that simply having water available and visible improves my consumption.

Also… glass water bottles! I’ve had this discussion with my husband and one of my best friends (who all use mason jars + Cuppow lids) and we all agree, there’s just something different about drinking water out of a glass bottle versus plastic or metal. We’ve narrowed it down and think that the flavor neutrality and simple clarity of the glass tricks our brains into thinking it’s more desirable and “better”. Regardless, it helps us drink more water and that’s all that counts (not to mention better for the planet)!

Here are my two favorite glass water bottles.

On-the-Go Choice: Contigo Glass Water Bottle

Trendy Glass Water Bottles - Angela Jude

The Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle in Greyed Jade is my glass water bottle pick for travel and on-the-go. I was a little hesitant to tote around a glass water bottle all the time but this thing is sturdy! It has a wide mouth so it’s easy to refill and drink from. It’s not wide enough to fit your hand inside for cleaning so I recommend getting an OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush or just throwing it in your dishwasher. It also comes with a silicone sleeve for even more protection. The stainless steel strap is strong and I often carry it that way.

I bring this with me everywhere… the gym, the office, home and more. It fits in most car cup-holders too!

Best for Work or Home: Wide Mouth Mason Jar and Cuppow Lid

Trendy Glass Water Bottles - Angela Jude
Trendy Glass Water Bottles - Angela Jude

The Cuppow lid in Mint paired with a Ball wide mouth mason jar is great for keeping on your desk at work or home. There’s a small opening at the top which makes it easy to grab and take a sip out of… no need to unscrew or remove a lid. Amazon reviews also mention that it fits most standard straws so that’s another option!

I love using a wide mouth mason jar because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, if I need to replace the mason jar, it’s a standard size and I can just move the Cuppow lid over.

Everyone at my office has one of these cups with different colored lids denoting what belongs to who. It has helped immensely in cutting down on wasting paper cups at the water cooler.

Water, water everywhere!

What’s your favorite way to make sure you get enough water? Let me know in the comments!

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