What's in My Breast Pump Bag?

As an exclusive pumper, my breast pump is never far from my side no matter where I go. At first, I was lugging around a huge bag with a bunch of extra parts and “what if” items. Since then I’ve simplified my process and narrowed down my travel pump bag to just my essentials. Read on to see what I pack in my travel pump bag!

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

$30 at Herschel Supply Co.

I keep all of my travel breast pump items in a Herschel Dopp/Chapter Travel kit. They have a lot of cute designs and I just happened to have this camo one on hand. It fits everything I need into a very compact and discrete bag.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

$24 at Target

I mentioned in my exclusively pumping must have items post that this is one of my top pumping items. When I’m away from home for the day, this Lansinoh manual breast pump is my sidekick. If I’m only going to be away for an overnight trip, I’ll still only take this pump for it’s compact size and efficiency. If I travel for more than two nights, I bring along my electric pump as well.

This kit includes a 5 ounce Lansinoh mOmma bottle and nipple set so you’re able to pump and feed from the same setup. Unfortunately, Gracie didn’t like this nipple so we just use the storage cap that was also included.

Kiinde Direct Pump Adapter

$6.99 at Target

I received the Kiinde Gift Set at my baby shower and it included all of their pump adapters. The adapter I use connects the Lansinoh manual pump directly to a Kiinde breastmilk bag.

Kiinde Breastmilk Storage Pouches

$10.99 for 40 bags at Target

It’s super convenient to pump directly into the Kiinde bags. They’re very sturdy and are easier to store on the go because they can lay flat as opposed to a bottle. I can even feed Gracie directly from the bag if I bring along the feeding bottle that it clicks in to.

Unfortunately, like most breastmilk bags, it’s hard to know exactly how much you’ve pumped in these Kiinde bags. If I’m at work and have the time, I’ll usually pump into the Lansinoh mOmma bottle and then transfer portioned amounts into the Kiinde bags. When I’m on the go (in the car or in a less convenient place) I’ll pump directly into the bags and portion them later.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

$12.99 at Target

It says nipple butter on the container but this is an all-in-one product for me. It works great in a pinch as a lubricant for your flange prior to pumping, taking care of your nips after and even as an impromptu lip balm.

Gym Towel

This one might not be obvious but it’s a multipurpose item. A gym towel works well because it’s a good size, not too large or small. When I pump I usually tuck it into my bra under my pump to catch any spills. Other times I use it as a cover up. After pumping I use it to wrap my pump while I bring it to the sink to wash.

NuRoo Nursing Scarf

$30 on Amazon

There are a ton of nursing covers out there. This one is my favorite because of its versatility. Essentially, it’s a long and wide scarf with snaps on the ends that allow you to configure it in different ways. I also love how soft the material is.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

$8.99 for 100 pads at Target

I always keep a couple nursing pads handy just in case. A wet shirt or bra while you’re away from home is never fun!

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