Trendy Glass Water Bottles - Angela Jude

Drinking enough water daily is very important and one of those very well known facts. It helps maintain your body’s fluids, helps your skin look its best, and it aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion.

I know from personal experience that it can sometimes be challenging to drink enough water throughout the day. I’ve seen quite a few smartphone apps whose sole purpose is to help you drink more water so I don’t think I’m alone in my quest. I’ve found that simply having water available and visible improves my consumption.

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Prenatal Vitamins - Angela Jude

This is my first pregnancy and I’m learning a lot of new things daily. One thing I didn’t expect was the amount of pills I’d need to consume daily.

Please keep in mind this is my personal experience and what I’m taking. This is in no way a recommendation about what you should or shouldn’t take. This is just the combination that I’m comfortable with and works for me!

My daily prenatal vitamin regime consists of:

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Leachco Snoogle

Despite being pregnant for only a little over a month, I’ve already been having trouble finding comfortable sleeping positions. I think the paranoia I’ve read about not sleeping on your back (my normal sleeping position) has invaded my subconscious. This leads me to my first “real” pregnancy purchase (aside from a couple books): the Leachco Snoogle…Continue Reading “First Pregnancy Purchase – Leachco Snoogle”